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The Recipe du Jour Story

A little over fourteen years ago Rich, Walt, and I sat around my Maryland kitchen table during a weekend get together, trying to define our first “Internet project”. The millennium was fast approaching and - - in the event the world as we knew it did not grind to a halt due to faulty Y2K technology - - we were ready for the sheer dot-com-ness of it. At the time we were tossing around ideas for beginning a science fiction web site. The conversation swirled in and out of the realm of total absurdity for several hours. Ground rules were simple: whatever we came up with MUST incorporate literary effort.

While cutting up a breakfast three-cheese, ham and mushroom omelet (topped with fresh cut chives from my herb garden!), Rich’s fork paused in mid air. “How about a RECIPE site?”

Walt sipped his coffee for a moment or two. “How are we going to fit ‘literary effort’ into a recipe site?” he asked.

Good ol’ Walt. Always the practical one.

“No problem,” was Rich’s response. “We’ll figure it out.”

And we did. In-between mouthfuls of omelets and sips of hot coffee, Recipe du Jour was born. It still boggles my mind that from that innocent beginning we have grown readership to tens of thousands of subscribers. It is a humbling experience and one not taken lightly.

Thank you, subscribers, for making Recipe du Jour a success.

--Simply Tim

FREE Recipes Every Day! Click to Subscribe...Most folks don’t cook like master chefs. Sure it’s nice to try something exotic and gourmet. Although it’s fun to read recipes with ingredients like Madagascar Hoki nut paste or antelope filets, you won't find a lot of those recipes here. That's because most of our daily recipes are submitted by everyday folk just like you. Oh, on occasion we’ll give in to temptation and slide a goody in. But don’t look for escargot or conch chowder or any recipe that’s more expensive (or takes longer) than wallpapering your kitchen. .

If you want to see what we mean, browse the real thing at Recipe du Jour's Archives. Subscribe to Recipe du Jour on the RDJ Blog site.

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Rich Rowand

A lot of the daily Blog recipes you’ll receive via email come from our loyal subscriber base. Some are family favorites, some are from friends, and some are assimilated smack dab from the swirling chaos of esters that make up Cyber Space. Our "Good Neighbor Friday's" recipes - for example - are submitted from peoples of all walks of life. Good stuff. Special stuff. That's what you can expect from Recipe du Jour. "Rich's RDJ Blog".


Walt Mills

Many Recipe du Jour readers skip the recipes entirely, preferring the Ezine's outstanding daily literary content. On Saturdays - for instance - Recipe du Jour spotlights selected Pennsylvania Centre Daily Times' columnist, Walt Mills, who also writes a Tuesday column for Recipe du Jour and has a blog of his own, "American Impressionist".


"You guys are just like one of the family!"

Simply Tim

Author, artist, and graphics designer Tim Lee was painlessly assimilated into a typical military family, he decided to play hooky and go fishing while attending day-2 of kindergarten in Yokohama, Japan. Fifty-something years later, Tim is still looking for ways to go fishing.

After teaching photography at Virginia's Tidewater Community College and graduating from Old Dominion University, Tim launched a career in television. Tim has been living on Lake Gaston, North Carolina since 2001 as a freelance writer, painter, graphics designer, Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald The Lake Magazine writer-photographer, electric boat salesman and UberStrike FPS Gamer-Moderator. "Simply Tim's Blog Spot".


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--Recipe du Jour


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